Hello lovelies, welcome back to explore the world of Ames. Last night I was lucky enough to be invited as one of the bloggers to the Gin Festival in Bristol in order to review the event. So today I will be letting you know what we got up to, my thoughts about the event and if I would be happy to go again.

I was allowed to bring a plus 1, so of course my university student sister was the first to offer her company for an event revolving around alcohol. From the moment we arrived  we were made to feel really welcome and important which is a lovely start to an event, there is nothing worse than turning up and feeing really out of place. We were given our blogger pack and then given a talk about the event and what we could get up to.


Everyone gets given there own HUGE glass to take around the event in order to try the different Gins. I thought this was such a clever idea as it meant no plastic cups or people littering all around the event. We also got our Gin book which listed every single Gin that was available at the event including the best tonic to pair it with and the most complimentary garnish. Just like a normal festival they don’t accept cash so you pay for tokens which you then use to buy your drinks.


The event had different sections of Gin, Sections A through D and each were from different regions/countries. There was a Gin cocktail bar and also Gin masterclasses where you could learn how the Gin is made, what goes best with it, how to properly do a shot of it etc. They also passed round free shots too so it was a bit dangerous.


We tried a few different gins including White Rose Leeds Gin, Pinkster, Black Tomato, Hazelnut Jenever but our favourite by far was the Braeckmans Vanilla Jenever which is like a liquor you have neat over ice and it was unbelievable!


Overall I thought the event was really good, I love Gin so that was a big help! It was really fun to try all sorts of different Gins I wouldn’t think to buy at home and to learn a bit more about the process. I enjoyed the atmosphere with the live band and thought it was really good value for money at £5 a drink/1 token and you can see how big the drinks are. I would say that the food choices were quite limited so maybe eat before you go and its probably more for a slightly older audience as we found ourselves to probably be the youngest there [Me being 22 and my sister being 20]. We had a great time and I would definitely go back next year. Thank you very much to the Gin festival for inviting me and if you like Gin this is definitely something that should be on your bucket list.

Visit the website here to buy tickets for the next event, but be quick they sell out fast!

Until next time,

Love Ames xXx

All photos taken by Hannah Owen @hanowx 📸


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  1. Elaine Blackall
    May 14, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Lovely review. Sounds like an event not to be missed. Great photos too 😄

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