Hello dolls, sorry I’ve been a little MIA over the last 2 weeks but I was away with work and then had a major cold that put me in a bit of a rut…but I’m back and I’m back with something I’ve never done before! I am a sucker for a fresh face, I would honestly be so happy to never wear makeup again, I absolutely love being able to rub my eyes and touch my face without feeling like I’m smearing half my face off. I also just really enjoy how it feels to not have anything on and I normally go all 5 weekdays without wearing any makeup. So…here I am with my skin care routine, now I’m not the queen of skin care in fact up until this year I never really use to do anything to my skin just maybe wash it in the shower and use a makeup wipe here and there eeeeeek don’t shoot me. I have luckily slightly upgraded my skin care routine since, so please keep reading if you want to know what I do!

As I said, on a weekday I don’t wear makeup so I just need to make sure my face is basically clean although I don’t really differ what I do I might just run over my face with a wipe first if I have makeup on. My holy grail product, if I could only use one product for the rest of time would be the Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water oh my diddy days this stuff is like an angel has flown down from heaven and onto my face. I used to use the normal micellar water to take my makeup off and I liked it but then I found the oil-infused one and I can’t honestly recommend it enough its life changing. I use this if I have makeup on, if I don’t have makeup on, before I cleanse, after I cleanse, if I’m feeling sad, if I’m feeling happy…you get the picture. I just pop it onto a cotton pad a glide it all over my face and the oil is so soft and hydrating and even if you have oily skin it just melts in and makes you feel like a new woman, If you’re ever going to trust me with something, let it be this one.

I always cleanse morning and night even if I haven’t had any makeup on. My favourite cleanser has to be the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, I use it everyday without fail and I feel like it just makes my skin feel amazing and stopped almost all breakouts. Unfortunately mine ran out a few weeks back, but just as it did I received the OM Skin Care Pure Glow Cleanser in the post and although I’ve only been using it for a week or 2 I feel like it could definitely be my new fave. It’s slightly different to the Liz one as its more of a gel consistency rather than a cream and instead of using a cloth, I just rinse it off with warm water. I’m loving how soft its making my skin feel and its full of amazing natural ingredients so I know its doing wonders underneath too.

I would say I have combination skin, I can get oily in places but my face and lips do dry out quite easily so moisturising is something I do morning and night without fail. At this current moment in time I use the Mario Badescu Moisturiser not really for any reason other than I wanted to try it so I bought it and its not caused me any rashes or breakouts and I feel like it adds the moisture I’m looking for so I would recommend it. It looks like quite a small pot but a little goes a long way with this, its lightweight and makes a great base for makeup. My last step is of course drenching my face in the Mario Badescu facial Spray I use the rosewater one just because when I bought it the cucumber one was out of stock and I love it, even Els loves it and he has no idea what its even for! It melts into the skin and is so versatile as you can use it for so many different things. Before makeup for a base, after makeup to get rid of excess powder, before bed to add hydration, on holiday to cool off honestly any point in the day you can use it, so that’s exactly what I do.

Once or twice a week I will do face mask, as its almost like deep cleaning your kitchen but just for your face…omg that was the weirdest comparison ever. Basically its good to ‘deep clean’ your face to make sure your get out all the dirt and makeup that sits deep within your pores. My favourites at the moment are the Laila London mask’s, I have the Honey Charcoal Scrub and the Pink Clay Mask with Rice Enzyme. The charcoal one is my fave as its 100% natural which is AMAZING and helps remove toxins while gently exfoliating which is just perfect for me! Its also won Gold in the Janey Loves 2017 Platinum Awards so if your looking for a new one definitely go and check them out.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what goes on in my pores and don’t forget to subscribe…until next time.

Love Ames xXx


Disclaimer: I was very kindly gifted some of these products but I did pick them myself and ALL opinions are my own.


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