My Makeup Brush Set

Hello lovelies, welcome back to explore the world of Ames!

How long have you been dying to try these round makeup brushes that everyone was obsessing over like 6 months ago you ask (yes I am very late with trends)…a very long time is the answer. Finally, I have got my hands on these ones from My Makeup Brush Set and of course I used them to paint my face 🙂

I’ve got the 10 Piece Brush Set which has pretty much all your going to need to paint your face like moi. I did of course use my beauty blender after applying my foundation and concealer as I just think a beauty blender seals the deal makes sure your base is looking seamless and obviously I had to use a different brush for my eyebrows otherwise I’d look HELLA scary!!

I absolutely loved using these brushes and will definitely use them again. I don’t think I’ll be reaching for them every time I do my makeup as some of the brushes are just not as easy to use and not as easy to control the product but my faves were the 2nd to large one for foundation as it spread it all around and a smaller one for defining my contour.

You can use SAVEWITHAMESSTAGRAM at checkout for 10% off your entire order!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed getting all dolled up for it 🙂

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Love Ames xXx

Disclaimer: I was very kindly gifted this product but I did pick them myself and ALL opinions are my own.


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