Saving our planet one Uniqup at a time 🌎

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re all well! I wanted to tell you about a little brand that I came across a few weeks back… Uniqup, the reusable bamboo coffee cup.

After reading up a little more on Uniqup I came to realise that take away coffee cups contain a thin layer of insulating plastic which means 99% of them end up in landfill or, in many counties, dumped in to the ocean! Uniqup reusable coffee cups are fun, durable and are made from the world’s fastest growing and sustainable crop: bamboo fibre. They also donate 10% off of profits to the WWF, World Wildlife Fund.

They currently have 3 designs, which are all lush, and are actually realising more very soon. Uniqup are such a great little company who really are just trying to do their bit for our planet. These are perfect little stocking fillers for all ages, so if you can, please try and take that extra little step to help protect our planet and wildlife.  I haven’t stopped using mine since I got it!

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I hope you loved this blog post as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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